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Trupig Vegan’s Mission

From day one our goal has been to provide delicious vegan treats that everyone can enjoy. We also want to share and inspire the love of animals that drives everything we do. We do this by supporting charities such as Dean Farm Trust and ensuring we offer support to other small ethical businesses. We always try to view Trupig as a community rather than a brand. This is especially important to us as Trupig grows.


Our Ethics

Trupig Vegan wasn’t created in a board room. We aren’t a faceless organisation, and we have no investors to answer to. We are two people supported by a diverse community of customers and friends. For that reason, our ethics are immensely important to us. We like to think we are good people, but like everyone else we are fallible. We may occasionally make mistakes. But we promise we will always strive to listen, learn and improve as people and as a business. We will continue to review and improve our processes as we grow. Sweet treats and Animal welfare remain at the heart of everything we do.


Wherever possible we use locally sourced ingredients and suppliers to lower our carbon footprint and support local businesses. Around 80% of our suppliers are within South Yorkshire.


We use Organic Fairtrade, & UTZ / Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa products in our Chocolate creations.

Palm Oil

Whilst we don’t use palm oil in our production process some of the ingredients that we use in some of our treats do contain palm oil. Where alternative products can be used we do so. Unfortunately, palm oil is still widely used in the food industry and it can be difficult to completely avoid. An example of this would be where we use Biscoff their products do contain palm oil, although it is sustainably sourced. We continue to work with suppliers to try to find products that are palm oil-free.  

Packaging & Plastic

From day one Trupig Vegan was very DIY as a result we have always tried to reuse and repurpose paper and cardboard for use in our packaging.


Our friends and fellow small businesses Green World & The Blind Mole collect and reuse all our excess cardboard from deliveries this is mutually beneficial and helps reduce waste.


We are actively trying to reduce our use of plastic wherever possible. As we ship delicate products we do sometimes need to use plastic where alternatives are not available. We have recently switched from polypropylene to glass jars for our Hazlenut Whip in the hope that customers will repurpose them after use.  We are also working on a replacement for the plastic inserts we use in our truffle boxes. We now think we have found a workable alternative. This has been difficult as the taste of chocolate can easily be impaired by cardboard and we will continue to review its use and success as we make the switch.  The plastic we do still use is either recyclable or commercially compostable. Plastic waste is a waste, so we would always encourage our customers to repurpose it wherever possible.


We feel immensely lucky to be able to make a living from Trupig Vegan. Whilst this is our “Day Job” and we do have bills to pay, we have never been interested in becoming wealthy doing this. What excites us is being able to provide amazing people with amazing treats. Building a community around Trupig has given us a small but diverse platform. We feel an immense responsibility to use that voice. It may mean that we are not always as popular as we could be, it may even be that you do not always share our views and thoughts (and that is okay too) but it is an absolute honor to be able to promote and support various charities, other small businesses, and marginalised groups whilst making an honest living. We have met some wonderful people through Trupig Vegan and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

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